UdderONE™ Products

U1 Clear #2

UdderOne™ is the worlds first crystal clear liner designed to greatly reduce bacteria spread during
the milking process. The dairy farmers can now clearly see everything from teat condition to milk quality
and flow. UdderOne™ liners are manufactured using PolyClear™ technology using polyurethane polymers.
The patent pending chemistry of UdderOne™ uses no carbon-black, other fillers or pigments.
UdderOne™ also does not contain DEHP phthalates which is a known health hazard documented in various government publications (available on the internet) as causing certain cancers and birth defects. Those
chemicals can and often do, shed into the milk stream from some liners and hoses. UdderOne™ is a liner for
dairy farmers who care about health, cleanliness, observation and knowledge.

* Quality at a competitive price

Patent Pending

Liners and Shells

wayne farm 8

Available in square or round, vented or non-vented, UdderOne™ liners are available loaded into a clear, break resistant polycarbonate shell offering reduced mistakes, reduced labor costs and allow workers to absorb a clean complete milk-out.

Milk Hoses


UdderOne™ milk hoses are coming soon!

Jetter Cups

Jetter Cup UdderOne

Wash your liner with UdderOne™ jetter cups that have NO chemicals and fillers that are known health hazards. Like all other UdderOne™ products, the cups are crystal clear so parlor workers can see what’s going on and make the effort to reduce bacteria.

                       More products to come…

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