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Transparent Technology


UdderOne™ is an all clear teatcup liner manufactured using polyurethane chemistry. The shells are manufactured using virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. A perfect combination of light weight, strength and clarity. The liner is the only component of the milking process to come in contact with the cows teats. Wouldn’t you want to see what your liner is doing? You can now with UdderOne™ liners, shells, hoses and jetter cups. Taking the guess work out of milking and putting the health of your cows first.

21st Century Thinking

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UdderOne™ is the only liner that helps in the fight against bacteria spread during the milking process because UdderOne™ is the only totally clear liner shell that is easy to clean because dirt and farm matter can be seen. The anti-twist design and ultra smooth non-abrasive polyurethane clear liner has been showed to improve teats health. No more heavy damaging clusters, UdderOne™ reduces slip and squawking. Reducing bacteria is a major step in the fight against mastitis. Isn’t this what dairy farmers want?… clean, healthy cows producing better quality milk.

FDA & REACH Compliant

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UdderOne™ is designed to replace the old black and green opaque liners (Inflations). Test lab verified, UdderOne™ is FDA (USA Food & Drug Administration) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals ) compliant for food contact use. UdderOne™ contains absolutely ZERO Carbon Black, Zero Phthalates, Zero Silicone and other fillers which can shed into the milk stream during the milking process. UdderOne™ is hydrophobic, therefore resistant to absorbing milk or butterfat like rubber and silicone liners can.

Patent Pending

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